Clash of Clans | GEMMING UPDATE + Bowler Attacks – 405k Gems by Viper (InTheDark)

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  1. In my opinion, the bowler is a new valk… looks good on the first view but is totally useless if you go more into detail. They can be used for some wizards but a "gobowi" das not seem very useful.

  2. I like your videos!!

  3. Ed, I would love to see some RazerII lavaloonion attacks, would really make my day, thanks
    Awesome video

  4. that's 3000 dollars dang

  5. You didn't max out.You forgot to upgade your goblin lvl 7

  6. i hope more for the new troop of clash of clans… but they give us a blue Shrek… i'm very disappointed

  7. ?? Ed froze an upgrading inferno tower 7:04

  8. you need to balance your audio, beginning was wayyyy too loud followed by the actual video being much much quieter

  9. 7:03 yes freeze the upgrading inferno its gonna kill all of ur troops haha

  10. Ponha Gema Pra Min ?

  11. 400 mil gemas ETA PORRA ce e o bixao memo em

  12. #vaidamerda"

  13. عوود هذوله شنو محلهم من اللعبه هيه غير للونسه بعده ماصار التحديث كله صارت ماكس تهي بهي

  14. #VimpeloPH

  15. 7:09 u froze an upgrading inferno! XD lol Ed u find dead bases without trying and is other players can't find em

  16. you are patetic!!

  17. شكد عدك جواهر ابن الطاكة ??

  18. kkkkk fala ed noob

  19. fuck you mother fucker

  20. My friend, you froze an inferno that was being upgraded ?? in your first raid

  21. "beleza nobs" ??

  22. did pie left qw with all his accounts?

  23. Like haha

  24. unohit goblinit :D

  25. Beleza Noobs :D

  26. great video

  27. #Playhardbrazil

  28. Viper is a douche

  29. cade os br dominando

  30. #playhardbrazil

  31. great video. u forgot the hogriders test!

  32. I like new troop

  33. Ed what about the war against Holy High?do you have replays?

  34. like like mt bom :3

  35. What does beleza means?

  36. Nuub e teu pai aqui e BRASIL

  37. Hola Nubs ??????? hahahaha like!!!

  38. 0:03 "beleza noobs"

  39. Jola nubs ??