Clash of Clans – *GLITCH?* Wallbreakers JUMP walls!?

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  1. i can tell you how it happened, wallbreaker Ai is to target the nearest closed wall with a building behind it, that base had open walls on the side to pull in giants and such and that jump covered all corners and all the buildings around were gone so wallbreaker ai doesn't see anything closed wall around it with a building behind it, and that jump made the wall invisiable so the wallbreaker went through

  2. what if there a jumping Olympics

  3. maybe because the wallbreaker has really good A.I and saw that all the troops were in front and saw that it was pointless to blow up that wall so jumped and blew up the more reasonable wall

  4. wallbreaker jumped because his target wall was behind a wall and there was a jump spell

  5. i thing the giant block the wall breaker way

  6. I think he jumped over the wall and didnt Target it because there was no building behind, so he targeted the other wall, so he Used the Jump spell for getting to his targete

  7. the wall breaker jumped the wall because the row which wall breaker jumped is already get opened at left portion to it .this is my answer because code to this programme never make mistake it has to perform for all the situation. XP

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  10. i think the wallbreaker's ai made him go for that wall outside the jump spell, and then he took a short route in the jump spell

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  12. if you clear the buildings first with aq and then drop wb because wb go to the nearest wall behind the building

  13. I KNOW WHY THAT HAPPENED! So first when i saw that i tought you gonna need to place jump spells through 1 whole compartment and they will decide to jump over it becouse compartment is open, sk they go to inside one. But, when i saw that replay i know why he did that. So you can notice that the wall is accesable by both sides! Wall breaker deided he will target that wall, but when he was pathfinding towards that wall, like any other troop would, he saw that it is shorter path if he goes over a jump spell instead of normal way, so thats why!

  14. wallbreakers target the next closest wall that has a defence behind if u clear all defenses in compartment without breaking the outer wall and have a jump to the inner wall w/ the defenses behind itthey should jump outer wall

  15. Can u beat with all earth spell on town-hall?

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  19. When he moved with the other wallbreakers his wall targeting messed up so he went for a wall over the jump and since there was only one of him he blew up to help when the spell ran out of time?

  20. hey spencer try using a queen walk to empty 1 compartment then try jumping the 1st wall

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  24. they were trying to make a path for the giants to get to the next defense?

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  30. u need empty compartment i think they don't target walls that border empty compartment

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  32. Likely explanation. The wallbreaker had access to the wall without the jumpspell and targeted it BUT because the pathing using the jumpspell was slightly shorter, he used the jumpspell to run straight to the wall rather than round the corner.

  33. they target the best option, and then take the quickest way, that was in thi case the jump


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  36. maybe he targeted that wall because thats where the giants where targeting too? like how sometimes the queen helps destroy a wall for other troops to get thru,

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