Clash Of Clans – GOLD HIEST! TOP 5 RAIDS

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  1. I get dope bases all the time… someone's about to get one on me cuz my ipad messed up .. #Gemmedmaxcollectors

  2. LOOL the archers are like the IRS LOOL

  3. wow number one was insane

  4. Hey i got a raid with 754,467 gold, and 564,987 elixer. as well as 3,000 de

  5. how to send Godson a video…email or something? :/
    btw great video…. :)

  6. how can i send my raids ?

  7. Can u start making the quality better

  8. wow it's awsome???

  9. Man godson never responds to me. 🙁 I'm fine with it but I still want to feel important ya know?

  10. What is the name of the song? :/


  12. How can I submit a loot raid video

  13. عندي هجمه لقيت فيها 100000 0 ذهب

  14. Damn! Dem Monie!!

  15. Hiest or heist?

  16. can u guys plz subscribe to me tho i hav no vids i sub to all of u guys

  17. are you friends with clash of comed

  18. Hey Godson.
    Thanks for uploading both of my raids (5 and 3) in your top 5 raids.


  19. im fainsh colkting 3millen gest now only in6 attak

  20. My raid would have came number 3 if I had any way of recording it