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  1. just change the logo and you'll pass cam ? JK you the best

  2. I like to call these strategies stat check attacks. Basically your army comp has two kinds of troops, tanks/hp troops and dps troops. You throw it at a base and see if your tanks can take the damage and your dps can clear the buildings. Th9 and 8 are perfect for these attacks since 5 golems or 4 and healers (like 2 or 3 golems for th8) or whatever basically have 0 chance of totally getting taken out by the dps as long as you can path them and take out defenses that are firing upon them. Wizards just happen to be the most efficient ranged damage dealers in the game (eat your heart out bowlers, you'll never do 277.5 damage about every 1.5s for 4 troop space). TH10 and 11 have too much dps and space for these to really shine.

  3. Who cares about th9

  4. whatsup with these war bases having their townhall off to the side

  5. PB whats your real name and where do you live in?

  6. Wtf was queen doing when she died at 4:26

  7. Damn haven't seen a avalanche in so long!

  8. sooooperbbb

  9. isn't this gowiz?

  10. Does it work with th11

  11. I wonder what it would be like if an ice golem was added to clash of clans, it slows buildings attack speed instead of splitting….hmmm it may be cool…

  12. what min level heroes r required for this.
    I have lvl11 king lvl13 queen.

  13. awesome simple.and nice would try that

  14. I have been using GoWiz before, your Golem avalanche has a queen walk. Gonna try this later! It's for sure a strong attack for bases with wide compartments.

  15. dat intro never gets old, crisp af

  16. man..idk of u r gonna see this or not but idk what's wrong with the game.
    first engineered bases are making it impossible for us to win wars…everyone know about them now and looks like every enemy is taking advantage of them..and not having only one or 2…they have 10 or 11 engineered base..insane..we no longer know how to play this game.
    second: we no longer can send msgs yo the sc team through help and support..looks like we r bothering them.they can't stand our feeedback ( what happend to listening to the community they were talking about ).

    am sure I had 2 more thinds to reclam but I forgot dem..maybe later…

    anyway. .keep up..but if they keep being ignorant we will stop playing..cuz we r no longer sure if we r playing clash of clans or another game here…we missed it when it was fair and balanced

  17. Love seeing different stuff like this, that second attack was awesome! Great job mate.

  18. That thumbnail is almost as cool as the attack.

  19. nice attack!

  20. What is wrong with that dead Queen at 4:35?

  21. I think th9 with lvl30 heroes is so easy you could attack with pretty much everything.

  22. I really enjoy the constant new strat videos (not always new, like this strat). keep it up

  23. damn

  24. Hi powerbang! Just a tip for (new) strategie videos like these: maybe also show a fail and explain why it failed. That will probably make us (the viewers) understand better what to do and what not.

  25. power bang could you zoom in where the action is please! i watch on my phone and the base is super small you can't see anything

  26. I found better channels, mostly chinese clashers, that upload th11 attack strategies. You and Ash failed to provide th11 content. I will stay subscribed but sooner or later i will unsub if you fail to upload th11 videos.

  27. i have been having tons of succes using pekkas at th9 😀 it's pretty awesome

  28. Could this be possible at th8? I might try it but maybe some feedback from some of you experienced players would be great!

  29. awesome thumbnail ?

  30. I watch your strategy vids and see these maxed th9s get destroyed so easily then try and do it myself and…let's just say I don't get the 3 star?

  31. YEA THE BOYS!!!!!

  32. Th10!!!

  33. I'm simply in love with you pb❤️

  34. r.i.p. dave "DB67" A true coc legend… you were a great player in our chain of clans…. aston villa 81, aston villa 82 and aston villa 82v2….. come say hello in 81 (my name is ants) and say you saw this comment… congratulations on raising £500 for daves family… you will be missed dearly…. we hope your son maintains your account well…. R.I.P.

  35. 4:27 glitching queen??

  36. Pb pls reply to my comment.. Say hii. Pls.. I m ur biggest fan!! . Hope so u reply

  37. PB! Love your videos man? Keep up the good work?

  38. Really nice intro powerbang did u make it yourself?

  39. Yayyy…a new vid


  41. First!