Clash of Clans – GOLEM VS WIZARD TOWER CLAN WAR! A True Tale of Clash Achievery?

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  2. Whats that song in the background of the cqotd

  3. CQOTD: Do ur teachers know u have a YouTube channel. Btw I love ur vids much love

  4. dont you hate when reply to themselfs??

  5. when will u quit youtube?btw plz be 60

  6. CQOTD:'What does HWD mean?

  7. can i join your clan? i bookmarked your clan and ima join you if you say yes but if not then ima leave ya alone

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  9. 6:00 You mean GoWiWi?

  10. #ClashAchievery

  11. CQOTD: What would you like to see in the next major Clash of Clans update?

  12. So hard to listen to you talk with that voice mate. Get some rest and come back awesome!

  13. #legendarygolem

  14. Why do you blur the text above the "war has ended"?

  15. Cqotd: are you going to make a new intro

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  19. What a cluch raid

  20. Is it okay if I call you that?

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  22. Mystic7 what was the song going on from 7:00 to 8:00

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  25. Whitelightinghwd what inspired you to play clash of clans ps ❤️ your videos

  26. CQOTD: Where do you see yourself in coc in a couple years

  27. Even though you're valks are lvl 1 Doesn't matter if u don't use them It would be good for show. Upgrade them.

  28. +why don't you troll in legends or at least try it