Clash of Clans – Grand Warden vs. A.T.: REDEMPTION?

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  1. Max heros are fking broken all your other troops are just damage soakers while the king doesnt give 0 fks and kills like 40percent of the base while the queen kills the rest op

  2. I think he failed again because it was 2 on 1 there were skeletons who helped the Warden so :(

  3. Hey Pat, any chance of telling supercell to undo the shitty forced breaks ?

  4. very 1v1 much wow super exciting

  5. Get the VG removed. You are either playing the game, or you should be in the attack pool. Simple. It shouldn't be different by league, everyone should get the same, if it has to stay.
    PBT should be 3hrs continuous online then 15 mins break, really is that simple.
    More loot bonus for attacks, needs to be sufficient to replace that lost from 80% th snipes.
    Defence bonus would be good.
    Troop, spell and hero times need to be reduced to allow for same no of attacks we were doing before update.
    Troop and spell costs should be reduced also.
    We need action and we need it now. The normal players are suffering currently.

  6. Why do i keep calling the new hero Garden Warden?

  7. He couldnt hav done it without the skeletons

  8. What's the best trophy range for loot at th9

  9. how was it a 1 v1, he had about 12 larrys helping

  10. There should be level 3 inferno towers imo b/c they look really week in this attack

  11. supercell went and did it,after giving this update a shot i think im dun,pay to play now

  12. I m not hating or anything, but your content is getting worse with every new video. You might wanna do something about that !

  13. I think Larry deserves some recognition here.

  14. Not a 1v1 there was like 10 skellys on the at

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  16. Where is Episode 3 Of Chief of Clans

  17. so th 11 vs th 11 is easier to do a 3 star than th 10 vs th 10… there is something wrong here -_-

  18. This update sucks.  Instead of TH snipes, it's trophy loss snipes galore, all while my base gets trashed and I'm not able to attack ever 30 minutes and use gems to train troops.

  19. Plot twist: grand warden is useless on his own

  20. hi pat