Clash of Clans – Grand Warden vs. Cannon: 1v1 DEATHMATCH!

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  1. 3801st like :D

  2. Pat you are seriously the most boring clash youtuber ever how do you hsve so many subs

  3. Yo try a tropl attack with every troop in the game…

  4. clash of clan should make a gaint air boom for the dragon and other air troops. ??????

  5. what luck man sorry : (

  6. cheif there is something wrong with personal breaks, supercell needs to fix something

  7. did you guys see the grand warden jumped over the walls on 2:16

  8. Man no disrespect this shit booty people stealing millions of loot attacks going wrong and everything how tf is you gone farm off hoping the enemy do a 30% and leave knowing damn well they gone try to go all the way to get loot this game suck now and everybody gone keep saying it and your going to keep trying to ignore it

  9. Strange that the grand warden is switching the book and staf in his hands if he turns.

  10. Anyone else try to hit the x2 by accident?

  11. Update is horrible

  12. Is there a way to reset your clash of clans account these days?

  13. You should try out a goblin raid, seeing how they do double damage to Town Halls now. That would be interesting and maybe fun to do.

  14. I can't find any dead bases since the update…. anyone else?

  15. Is trapdoor safe?

  16. If chief pat had lvl 10 Heroes he would lose every raid..

  17. Chief Pat, we really need a new farming strategy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. yesterday i talked to the leader of savage seven himself

  19. Where's the loot for th11?

  20. Continue your lets play