Clash Of Clans | GUIDE FOR TH10 – Upgrading, Farming, Defense & 9.5

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  1. perfect video for me, I'll be a new th 10 in 13days so thanks ash! Almost certainly gonna need all the help I can get considering the new update with all the new changes will almost certainly drop on or around the same day ? lol

  2. So much great info! Great guest

  3. hey ash have you ever looked into getting a Sony Vegas for a new intro……???? not stepping into your financial ability but you should look into it……And you should looking into the commedic side of clash GodSon is a great example

  4. ash, when attacking with golaloon what type of base r you looking for

  5. I'm a new TH 10.. since 2.5 weeks ago.. and I'm Upgrading Both infernos to Level 2 | 3rd Xbow to level 2 | 2 Army Camps Upgrading .. And golems in the lab to Max Level… i balanced everything.. Doing Offense (Lab, Spell f, & Camps) and also defense (infernos and xbow) i think if you can do both at the same time it's also a good choice, Doing my CC Next! How does it Sound?

  6. I made the mistake of maxing out defenses(as well as offense: army, spells,etc) while my heros are still king level 28 and queen 30. I would say priority at th10 should be heros, heros and heros. i highly recommend getting heros to lvl 25 at least before going to th10. Heros help you a lot in farming and trophy hunting and if you upgrade them earlier you're gonna be farming much more effectively in the long run to upgrade other shit.Will also give you the upper hand in wars and trophy hunting

  7. Ashlain pls figure out a 3 star strats for mid level heroes ! Lvl20 i.e.!
    Would appreciate if you do
    Anyways a helpful video yet again !
    Keep up the good work !!!

  8. Just got to th 10 as a maxed th9…maxed heroes, walls, everything.. The amount of upgrades required and the time it takes is what hits you at first. Great video btw.

  9. Are you going to do the same for th11?

  10. Finally Thanks Man you came thru! im farming using a variation of a queenwalk – barch

  11. Nice video ash!

  12. can you make one for th10.5 when th11 comes out?

  13. Thank you ^.^

  14. hey ash im a th9 and been debating on going th10 because im in a non stop war clan. but being th9.5 would make it okay for me to go there. this video has definately helped me on my decision i have been pondering for a few months. thank you again and the video was great.

  15. I am a TH9 with 20/20 heroes… till what lvl should I upgrade my heroes untill going up to TH9.5 ?

  16. thanks for this video haha. iam th9.5 and it helps md a lot

  17. Hey Ash. Great video man! I love watching your videos and you have inspired me to turn my clan into a 3 star war clan. (Well, we're still learning) If you wanted to check out the clan- Clan name: BackToBack #YRYQL2Q2

  18. Hey +Clash with Ash
    is it possible to join your clan and be part of you team sir ?
    thank you.

  19. recently turned th10… helped bunch

  20. Quick little follow up when is the right time to go from a TH9 to TH10?