Clash of Clans Hack / Cheaters – BANNED FOR LIFE!

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  1. I got banned but i wasnt using it anymore

  2. Wats a third party software

  3. I Have 2 More Accounts

  4. Well here's the thing
    1. COC is dead since they removed farming from the game (Townhall for shield)
    2.A lot of the player who is playing now are modders
    3.They are in no ways gonna get back the people who stopped playing the game cuz are either modders or lost interest in the game (Me Cuz of no farming)

  5. But there will. Still exist in coc and we will get dead base

  6. My Th7 In Masters Got Banned?? I Was In Savage Soon Tho

  7. Lvl 10 clan Fadu Gang2 lost 10 Players, 2Th10 and Th 9, Nice work Clash Team.

  8. great news, galadon. SC finally listening to its community.

  9. Powerbang released the names of his banned members. Who did LP lose?

  10. What is third party software

  11. A big youtuber needs to address the engineered bases problem galadon please do it! It's a very frustrating problem watch red rhinos video on it and look at what they got matches against!

  12. What about the new th 6 mini account attacking the top to mod and then they use their main account for the real war attack?!?!?! That is what these cheating bastards are doing! I will believe it when I see it!!

  13. Hey my friend got banned in coc today…but he wasn't using any mods or 3rd party softwares…he was a 24×7 active players who never cheated..plz help him galadon…people are getting banned without any reason… plz ask coc to give them their accounts back…
    like if u think m right

  14. Я тебя в задницу ебал, хуйня ракообразная

  15. Lot of my friends ask me to use mods glad i didn't use mods :3

  16. Rip xmodgames

  17. Just Lost My Max Th9 Cause Of This

  18. I hope the modders spent thousands before they started modding and got banned (:

  19. No I'll get banned forever ?

  20. about time

  21. Happened to ArrogantPrix once. We had 230 wins a good few months ago and a few members and co leaders who spent their whole career there got banned for botting. They are now at 270+ wins but I left back at 250 because of in-clan drama. I am now at LP6 Minotaur.

  22. hi

  23. Damage is already done, after almost 3 years, they're trying as much as they can to get people back.


  25. well i guess i just lose my clash of clans after i so this video i went to my clash of clan and i was banned plz HELP

  26. Bye bye clash of clans i consider it a dead game cause most of players were using mods

  27. go Tencent

  28. This game sucks i hope they make new update like royale everytime making fresh playable

  29. could someone explain what modding does and emulators

  30. The ONLY reason they are banning is because the days of major gemming are over. It's the same reason win traders in CR won't be banned until the game starts to go downhill and people up top start to quit. Honestly, supercell is one of the shadiest group ever.

  31. This game is dead and so will clash royale if it doesn't get good updates

  32. Please please please i want back my th11 account back i hate it i didnt even hacked anything

  33. And i got banned

  34. Clash of Clans was on a rode to it's death in terms of loot because of the fact that when higher town hall levels attack lower ones, they get less loot. This along with many other rules made my Supercell to intervene with the economy of the game to make it "fairer" ultimately failed, like all of the policies and rules the democrats put on the US economy that always fail and make everything worse. If only we had some Republicans managing the Clash of Clans loot economy, this game would still be alive!

  35. Galadon, I have a question.
    The miners were recently nerfed on movement speed, right? but even if movement speed slows, when they move, they move underground, so defenses don't target them anyways. Am I missing something, or is this not really a nerf?

  36. update most likely dropping between the 15-18 of this month keep clashing on every one.

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  38. its just a superficial ban, sure there were idiots using their main
    account for hacking but most ppl now use throw away account, SC always
    too late to the party and unfortunately i dont see how they will fix the
    throw away account hacking

  39. wait bans weren't permanent in the past? Lmao no wonder people kept botting and stuff

  40. galadon did a good job scaring away 13 year olds

  41. An opportunity to get clean? I didn't get one. First offense and permanent ban? I would have stopped farming dead bases if I was given any type of heads up I would lose my account. The real world doesn't even impose maximum penalty for first time offenders. I hope they reconsider for first time offenders.