Clash of Clans halloween update sneak peek 3 – improved clan settings

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  1. Looks cool

  2. This is awesome! Great improvement to the game. Thanks for showing us

  3. Hopefully this will solve an issue for my clan. We havent been able to be
    found in the search for months now and we dont even share our name with any
    other clans. It would be cool if we could choice our hashtag or at least
    have it generate as something similar to our clan name vs a random number

  4. Search for players now please.

  5. when this is going to come in our devices..?
    *iOS | Android*

  6. when does the update drop ?

  7. This looks awesome!

  8. Hey guys, looking for a good farming and war clan? Join us, at “Mustafa”
    We’re a fairly new clan but we’re starting strong. We only want people with
    good th6+ bases and who are willing to participate in a war to their best
    extent. So far our win/loss war ratio is 16-2, if you wanna find us we have
    the phoenix logo with the purple background, 11 clashers, and around 6200

  9. I would like to search a player by name.. Not by clan.

  10. Pretty sure supercell used my idea =D

    I posted on Reddit with the idea of more detailed clan searching here: 2 months ago and tada!

  11. Did you intentionally hide your trophies using a barbarian picture? ‘Coz
    I/we can still see the # of it through the clan description. *Just saying*
    Annnd nice update for a new player like me who still doesn’t have a good

  12. “(>^*^)># I made you a waffle #﹤(^*^﹤) But then I was like… (>^#^﹤)
    “I’m hungry…” (>^_^)> So I ate it. 

  13. Anyone know when the update is going to be up? Daddy any for sure dates?

  14. Yes finally! :D

  15. Hehe level 7 champion

  16. Finally, no more Indian kids trying to join my clan. 

  17. Nice One Daddy!

  18. that clan tag ID thing looks great… Daddy, do you know if we can search
    by it?

  19. Tbh this update is kinda disappointing

  20. Guys I need help my global chat is in Spanish but I have my language
    English and I tried everything to get English including resetting can
    anyone help me

  21. So far this update is not a necessary update (apart from the pause boost
    feature) and not that great. hopefully tomorrow has something hyped

  22. Nice. This is a cool tweak. 

  23. daddy what dose clan tag represent i mean what dose it do

  24. Whats the clan tag setting thing in the clan description? You didn’t
    specify on it.