Clash of Clans | HGHB + Stoned GoHo + Arranged Wars

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  1. love to watch those old school attacks ?

  2. Just a suggestion,u should have a good still background while on webcam like pb …

  3. Can u remember Brennerchen 2.0? Would like to see u back for a few wars 😉 Btw we have got a matchup against Brennerchen 13 in a couple of weeks (not a special date yet), maybe u would like to do a war report of this war, feel free to join! U will be welcome :)

  4. Join us at irish celts matty! We're a level 10 clan who war for fun but hate losing ?

  5. Regarding the Healers on the AQ, it is technically more accurate to say that the Healers has 50% healing effectiveness on the heroes rather than the heroes receiving more damage. :)

  6. thanks Matty for playing COC again

  7. Great Video Matty 🙂 Love it to see you back ?

  8. nice dragonball reference there with the kaioken ?

  9. join us Matty in pigeonism be a bird

  10. Nice job Matty! Always loved ur contents since when u stop playing and till now. Love u man.