Clash Of Clans – HOLY TROLL WARS! LOL FAILS (Live Clan wars trolling!!!)

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  1. worst commentary. and clash video I've ever watched… godson you've dipped in form sorry. but i unsubscribed after this flop of a video

  2. Haha nice video man

  3. I do goblin helar wen farming

  4. I think that it should be GOD'S SON !!!!!

  5. yeeeeh good atrack 3 stars

  6. This video didn't satisfy my late night shit.

  7. The immortal goblin

  8. My clan might do troll war

  9. Yaaah

  10. si nej

  11. Godson= best man ever

  12. cool gameplay godson ftw !!!

  13. Yeahh 😀 sjsjsj

  14. Ah.
    i allways like to watch a godson video in the morning…
    to open my apetite

  15. hmmm Mr Queen !!!????

  16. keb goen gacon

  17. Let me in please. i Have the best troll base

  18. i've got a fail video for you 😉 visit my clan "blade imperium" 22k trophys und ask for kiko 😉 i cant record yet so u may have to do this :)

  19. Vgggg ggagsh shhsns ns sans shush.

  20. You should do a clan war troll and get ur clan to copie the enemies bases exactly