Clash of Clans – Hopes for Clan Challenges (Arranged Wars)

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  1. Wow nice video and I remember one year ago when you vied cams clan 1 person commented that you should change the intro cause it's like Barnes and you were like " that's good "

  2. Awesome video, can't wait for arranged wars!

  3. love all your vid alottzxx your best YOUTUBER

  4. hey Heather! I enjoyed the video! any idea of when the sneak peeks begin or when the update it due? ?

  5. I 100% agree with everything! Send it to SuperCell!

  6. how many more royale updates you think will drop before we get a sneak peek?

  7. Damn, the attacks of Wizard and CaptBlackBeard truly were awesome. Elite tactics

  8. For the clan challenge they should base the amount of loot you get on the amount of stars and percentage you get in your attacks and have us get less clan xp then we would in a normal war

  9. I can live loosing loot to rebuild troops for the attack, but PLEASE GIVE ME THE TIME BACK!!!

  10. hey heather nice vid!! next vid can you show some golden gator attaks as im from gg i would love to see myself or any of my clan mates featured just suggetion

  11. Hey heather, what about adding a wager for clan challenges?

    Instead of having the game hand the winner and loser a certain amount in resources, like in clan wars, the clan challenge could have an option for each clan to pay a certain amount of loot to participate in the challenge. Winner takes all, loser goes home with a hole in their pocket.

    What do you think?

  12. hey Heather great video what is you Discord it says I need your email address or your Discord number

  13. people are using that fruity star base design in war? lol gawd, horrible design!! I hope that douche gets kicked for using such a noob base.

    Good thing none of the kingdom clans use fruity bases like that ?

  14. like 57

  15. Wonder if you're going to do Face Reveal !

  16. the one thing I'm wondering about is weights… I can issue a friendly war.. but what if my clan is all th10 and the other is all th9. would it let it go through

  17. I agree with every point you made

  18. Great Video Heather, I totally Agree!!

  19. Nice vid.Can u pls do more th8 vids.Am I early for a reply?

  20. keep em comin

  21. right on Heather very interesting ideas I'll have to watch twice

  22. Great video Heather! BTW hope you reply!

  23. can you show us a town hall 11 replays in the background ?

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