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  1. jk

  2. give another strike to general tony

  3. thaet are available at th 9

  4. Your the freaken best!

  5. Yeah valk didn't have to break a single wall 1:50 top

  6. oh man the pic click bait

  7. Can you please do a th9 anti-three star base? I can't seem to find one that holds up well

  8. Your The Best General Tony I Look Up To You I Use Your Methods So Far Im Lvl 89 Soon To Hit Lvl 100 Keep Up The Good Work Clash On GT!

  9. noob

  10. Tony plz answer me if this is a good idea of a update ok.
    The new update should be a tie breaker the leader on for example my team and your team head to head battle each other's base and see who gets the most star's.Huh huh?What do you think?

  11. th9

  12. I like the old war stats.

  13. love your vids man keep it up and nice win in war

  14. Whiches are at Th 9

  15. General will you ever live stream!?? (kamkord)

  16. 4:38 archer queens kill each other at the same time???

  17. level 2 witches can be used at th9

  18. Haha Tony post a CR vid soon!! I'm sure me and the other clan mates would enjoy it a lot!

  19. why are you only using one song to your videos? All the time this song why

  20. My clan won our war with a 0.06 war percentage

  21. Nice intro?

  22. I ran over a pigeon with a push bike because he wernt going the speed limit darn u pigeon seriously great vid u made it happen u made clash de clans what it is now u are the barbarian king

  23. Yes pls … U are the best

  24. Really Tony???YOU'RE UPGRADING THE GOBLIN?!?!??? :))))

  25. How do you know when I go to bed you're a stalker or something

  26. +General Tony | Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale epic video as usual. you are the best. keep it up ! :-)

  27. And can I join ur clan

  28. And can I join ur clan

  29. Hey tony I just started any tips?

  30. you can go to lvl 30 for your hero's at th9

  31. Unfair he gemmed his base? Don't you gem yours too?

  32. good Vidio ???

  33. love ur voice.

  34. I swear I will never win but I will enter every time.

  35. I wish level one hogs weren't so weak.

  36. Great video Tony, keep up the good work

  37. Hey tony I just want to know if I could join ur clan I'm really good at war over 300 war stars I'm a town hall 8

  38. Tony Valks are amazing now at any level lvl 1 Valks can 3star

  39. ,_, ass

  40. I love You General Tony Can You plissss come in my clan late it is name are trollface?

  41. Lvl2 witches r th9s lol

  42. ?

  43. Good clip

  44. Th9 Lv 2 witches

  45. Plz show ur 1 star

  46. I love the vids Tony, keep up the AWESOME work! ?

  47. GEMS! :p

  48. Can I join

  49. Tony no clan war videos

  50. says its unfair he gemmed and he gems