Clash of Clans – How to 3 Star any TH9 with LavaLoon

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  1. Can i use this type of attack on any th9?

  2. it is effective if my lava hound is level 1 and golem level 2?

  3. nice!!!!

  4. what to do with lava in cc he doesn't die fast and his loons kills all the wizards

  5. is this still effective if AQ and king is just lvl 10? thanks. How many wizrds will u bring

  6. good, detailed vid man, I subbed.

  7. Crystal Warriors…..damn to bad we had to match up with you. Thanks for showing me this…I'll try it on your clan xD. We will prob lose, but it should be fun.

  8. what to take in cc?

  9. Great video man. You gave me some really useful tips, keep up the good work!

  10. Well explained.
    Look forward to trying this soon.
    Kinda gave up on air attacks with double sweeper, but will look at this attack again.

  11. i don't thumbs up videos often, but this vid definitely deserves one haha

  12. Man that was just a perfect video really nice work best of them i have seen, great job keep it up bring more of that….. I definitely subsribed after that…..great job at explaining man

  13. Did my first golavaloon on a maxed base 3 stars!! ;). Thanks :D


  15. Just tried this strategy and it worked out pretty well even with level 2 Golem!

  16. You talk as if this is a "done deal" attack.  It is not!  If your king and queen decide to go on a stroll around the outside, you'll be luck to get a 1 star.  If they do not commit to the jump spell, the enemy AQ and CC troops WILL demolish your attack.  Period.

  17. Nice style, good attacker, yes the jumps were a bit early, which cost him some hp on his golems, but I think he just wanted his heroes to be extra safe while they took down their targets, because that was like the only thing that could cost him the 3 star. Also the wizards didn't really suffer majorly because of that, because of the way the outside ring of defenses was set up, his golems were still tanking everything except for the one wizard tower
    On another note, can you show some of the attack strategies you would recommend for people who have 1 hero down in wars, it really hurts something like a shattered approach :l, I feel like most people already know how to 3 star a base when they have 2 (strong) heroes on their side. Most of the time, when one of my heroes is down, I just try to do a hog attack in which I usually lure the cc, but I'm wondering if you have any other ideas for this.

  18. I can't wait until my new spell factory finishes! I bet by the time I research all the new spells they will nerf them  >_>

  19. Pro status

  20. But aren't haste spells only available for level 3 spell fabrics and therefore TH10?