Clash of Clans | HOW TO KILL DRAGONS IN CC | CoC

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  1. Hope this helps you guys with those pesky dragons in the clan castle!!

  2. how do we take out the drag as a th8?

  3. Have you been watching Onehive? 

  4. Daaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnnn!

  5. I can tell you have been doing your homework on these attacks though, how
    have you been learning. I’m curious?

  6. Wazzup cam please continue Mr.barbarian

  7. haha the intro

  8. Seems like you started watching OneHive

  9. Special thanks to everyone in my clan who helps me by giving me tips and
    advice! Helping each other to get better as a whole!

  10. If you reply to this…….. I’ll drink some milk. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  11. All the elite players deploy their king as soon as the cc starts to get
    lured, but your strategy also works.

  12. The best way to kill a dragon at th8 is with another dragon while a few
    barbs are distracting it.

  13. Hey cam, when you did the 1st hog raid…. How did you know to attack from
    bottom and clear all of those giant bombs?? Kinda sketchy unless it was
    already attacked, my apologies if it already was attacked.

  14. Hey cam, I’m from OneHive Invicta. I think it would be great to war against
    your clan for a scrim because I hear you’re all getting the hang of 3*
    strats. Can u specify how many players of each th you have and how many you
    usually war with? Thanks

  15. Yes Cam i am a th9 myself and just done a golva in my clan was about 10
    mins ago and picked up the hot 3 star, its my fav th9 strat for sure

  16. I don’t have the archer queen yet, but I still have cc drags to take out.
    I’m th 7. Help?

  17. i have the best way of taking out the dragon at th8

  18. Place a couple archers and wizards around the dragon and you’re sorted…
    not hard… my dick is hard lel wut
    I posted this comment before watching this video because I live life on the

  19. Did anyone realise that it wasn’t any of cams accounts attacking the th 9

  20. Can you open up BarbariaNParody please? I want to join.

  21. Q/a what is your real name

  22. Cam can you put your clan to 1000 trophy for I could join it would be an

  23. shatter go laloon? is that what i heard?

  24. When should I upgrade to th9?
    I have upgraded everything to max except my Valkyries to lvl 2, my
    earthquake spell to level 2 and my walls (half of my walls are level 8)

  25. 531,136 th subscriber