Clash of Clans – How to record CoC ( sloof lirpa )

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  1. Whats the point of thumbs down-ing the vid, the only way to record is to buy or to jail break

  2. Lol what's ur kik?

  3. It's a jailbreak

  4. The hell!

  5. It's not on AppStore anymore?

  6. How do you record in-game audio?

  7. Tnx

  8. Wats u kik

  9. i cant download it do u hav to jailbarake ur ipod to get it

  10. had no idea wat u just said

  11. I want to win USA

  12. I want to win USA

  13. i want to win, Indonesia

  14. what editing software do you use?

  15. I want to win! Scotland.

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  17. Muito bom os seus vídeos irmão parabéns

  18. i want to win, Brazil

  19. same wid me

  20. you suck you should know that idot