Clash of Clans – Insane? Barching CLAN WARS LIVE!!

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  1. Nice Video!!  Clash 101 will show and teach you how to 3 star town hall 9s and 10s! :)

  2. LOL…..the king as daft as ever ! 

  3. Des anyone else here at 3:10 "I'm gonna stick my pekka down here"

  4. If you queen was higher lvl that would have been a 2 star

  5. You should do a pekka raid on a bronze

  6. if queen had been some level higher :D

  7. Very close!

  8. being a town hall ten you never use barch lavalonian works for me

  9. When Barching, Barbs in front and archers behind them. Barbs are like decoys.

  10. I want a level 7 town hall I boasted my level 10 elikser and gold so how long is it going to take me P.S. my town hall is level 5


  11. Really 1 gem?

  12. How do u use cash for apps

  13. Nicke att at the last one ? unlucky man

  14. if you where in my clan you would be kicked

  15. I love your VIDEOS!

  16. Haha

  17. Awesome spence

  18. hey +Spencer23$ – Clash Of Clans what is your song's name ??? i really need to know it pleaseeeeeee

  19. How is Big Mike number 1, when Gallydon is maxed too

  20. What's the soundtrack?