Clash of Clans – INSANE TOWNHALL 8 WAR/TROPHY BASE! Ultimate TH8 Base for Defensive Success!

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  1. which is ur best th8 war layout!

  2. I am definitely using this as my war base thanks Eclihpse

  3. thxs bro and thxs for doing me a favor

  4. What's your song name for ur intro

  5. th 9 dark elixir protect ?

  6. Love the new intro

  7. How do u record ur screen???? U r on an iOS decice?? So plzz do say me……. U just tell me the name plzzzz…… Thanks nd i love watching ur videos!! The th 9 farming bases u made… Thnx… KEEP IT UP!!

  8. looks nice imma try it

  9. nice base and thanks

  10. can this base resist master ligue attacks?
    (th 8/9/10)

  11. @Eclihpse | Clash of Clans . WOW too many new th8 bases..m almost th9 now :)

  12. gaps*

  13. wats with all thw gps


  15. Big gg !! Thanks for the speed building ? ? I like ✌

  16. Nice base Echlipse!

  17. th7 war base please

  18. all air defence compartments can be opened with earthquake, govalo would wreck this

  19. Great video man! Does this base defend well against air attacks? :)

  20. Great base! But to everyone who is planning on using this base, don't. Especially if you're a serious war player. People will find the base and where all the traps are. Dgb (2x giant bomb) can be surgical hogged, that means RIP to the rest of the base.