Clash Of Clans | INSANE TROLL BASE vs FRIENDLY CHALLENGE!! | Impossible Challenge 2016!?!

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  1. hope i win biggest fan but i never win

  2. #TonyYouSuck

  3. Tony you should open your clan so I can join I'm an ok th8

  4. Is troops were going ham

  5. However I do not have them because am th8

  6. #tonyyoudon'tsuck

  7. #tony YOU Are op

  8. General tiny you just need to use mass miners and heal spells they would wreck your base

  9. i can make50% with my th8

  10. #tony you suck

  11. #Tonyyousuck


  13. oh JESUS

  14. #tonyyousuck ;(

  15. what about lower level town halls??? they won't even be able to achieve a 10% destruction 🙁 i hav a TH7

  16. plz make the clan sitting any one can join

  17. I'd use dragons and bowlers, and a few Harry Potters ?

  18. Andreas is the leader

  19. change the clan sitting

  20. #genaral tony you suck

  21. Join my clan plzz Delta four

  22. I'll never beat that base

  23. plz

  24. plz

  25. plz I want to join your clan

  26. use bwarch

  27. i have never played clash of clans, but i THINK i have a army to take it out. i would drop two golems in the front, then drop max bowlers, and then drop hogs behind it to take out defense. i am a total noob that has not played the game but i think that stratagy would work.

  28. Wow cool mate

  29. Tony pleese take me in your clan

  30. Tony, Can I PLEASE join your clan? (YouTube General)?? I am a NON RUSHED TH 8

  31. Tony, Can I PLEASE join your clan? (YouTube General)??

  32. I think Mystlc7 can get ur base GT

  33. someone use miners

  34. i am only th8:-(

  35. #tonysucks

  36. I would use all dragons attack with 4 lighting spells and 2 rage spells

  37. #Tony you are sucks

  38. general Tony I'm only town hall 7 in I'm sniping town halls then I made it to the crystal league in I back in the sukkie

  39. visit me please

  40. #Tony You Rock???✌✌✌

  41. Tony you good

  42. #tony u suck

  43. hey Tony wat about u challenge other youtubers ?? Yhey will easily do it.. plz reply..

  44. ??