Clash of Clans: Introducing Clan Games

Clan Games are here! Learn how to take part with your Clan mates to achieve big rewards and the new, Magic Items. Attack. Defend. Strategize. Download for free for mobile devices.…


  1. i cant see any thing in that area its empty fully y?

  2. Nice

  3. Please supercell tell me fast

  4. Is it permanent or for limited time

  5. I'm TH 5

  6. Please tell me ASAP how many days clan games redards will last?

  7. it will be forever

  8. That's clan game for this month

  9. When you complete the whole challenge. How do you know when the next one is going to be?

  10. Hi !

  11. How often are clan games

  12. i need th 8 dead base

  13. Does anybody know why I am not getting the clan games at all?

  14. My coc is not load why

  15. Will this clan games will be forever for clash of clans??

  16. Plz remove this clan games…

  17. شكرا لكم انه تحدبث جميل جدا

  18. Only those players should get rewards who completed the games according to their points

  19. How long does magic book last ?

  20. Is it permanent

  21. W ar finished everything ???

  22. Thank you so much for uploading clash clan, don't worry if I am feeling better and free again i'll play it, this time i'm very emotional, I miss someone who could complete me, my whole life…

  23. What happens if you leave a clan during clan games? Do you still get the rewards?

  24. مرحبا بكم إلى كل من يلعب في كلاش اف كلان 
    أسسنا قرية جديدة اسمها كلان العرب  وهذا الرابط التالي :#VLUYLCC8
    نتمنا انضمام إلينا

  25. hi

  26. ??

  27. Plz,,,, tell me how much time clan rewards remain in treasury once claimed…..plz reply…

  28. Hahaha

  29. We're recruiting active and loyal players for our clan( Clan name: RC Phoenix) . We're winning wars back to back and active in donating. You will get max troops.
    Th +9 only.


  31. Is it permanent

  32. Are these permanent or only for Christmas season???

  33. Wow after I left this game , pretty much improved

  34. kk

  35. Where is the snowfall ❄ ❄?? ?

  36. Supercell i wanna ask that did the reward(gifts) that we claimed are gonna expire after some date ??
    Plz reply

  37. This is kinda cool

  38. Clash Royale's Clan Chest ?

  39. Omg!!!!

  40. This isn't new
    This is just Hay Day