Clash of Clans: Introducing Friendly Wars!

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  1. when this update will come ??

  2. I like your new video

  3. But Hog, Why would someone attack their best friend?

  4. when is the update coming ?

  5. SUPERCELL when is this update gonna drop??

  6. well clash of clans is dead and u don't think this will bring it back

  7. oh and there is the boom tower

  8. fuddu

  9. PERFECT!!!

  10. me and my cousin where waiting for these and we shall face off once and for all

  11. Did anyone saw bomb tower?

  12. But no war bonus means friendly wars will suck! The community wants war, we just want to pick who. This is nothing more than practice wars.

  13. I wish we could get loot bonus from friendly wars too

  14. i cant wait

  15. 1:11 the bomb tower

  16. hey why don't you guys allow the friendly challenge to exist after the user exits the game? Like, if I challenge someone (in my clan) and the guy I have challenged is training troops, and I don't have time to wait for 20 min; when I quit the game, the challenge is gone. There should be like a 20 min time limit and if no-one attacks within the 20 min, then the challenge will fade away, I mean, get cancelled.

  17. Bon bah je pense reprendre Clash Of Clans !

  18. i mean the date

  19. when is the update coming

  20. متى ينزل

  21. can't u say the update date?

  22. huraaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. At 00:48 theres a secret bomber tower

  24. it's Any chance to challenge weaker clan to improve statistics in clan ……… regards :)

  25. But where's the new update or when it will come out..??..??

  26. do u guy saw that bomb tower at 1:11

  27. cool now i can challenge my freinds clan

  28. ???

  29. HYPED

  30. super UPTADE!! yess ?

  31. This game is dead already stop updating it

  32. 1:11 a new tower ?☺

  33. nyc i love this..thanks coc
    if u make 2 lab it will be use full or if we can upgrade 2 troops at atime in lab

  34. waw

  35. why is Czech and Slovakia in one?

  36. обнова

  37. alfin se les ocurrio algo bueno! puta faltaba eso llevo ratos queriendo hacer gierra con un clan y nunca nos emparejamo

  38. Clash of Clans is Alive again…..Awesome?????

  39. when is this update will coming?