Clash of Clans “INVINCIBLE Defense?” HOW Many Wins in a Row? ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. eZ Barcher

  2. What's the name of this layout? does anybody know a video on how to beat it?

  3. Does anyone know of videos on how to beat this base? THANKS! By the way, great job Galadon! Love all your videos!

  4. Lol k heb in je clan gezeten cretium

  5. galadon i tried making a th8 version and it brought me up to champions 1 in 3 and 1/2 weeks by defense

    try this base

  6. Those air defenses are awfully close to eachother. I would believe this base is weak to air attacks.

  7. Does the barb king in the thumbnail doing the nae nae?

  8. Pls a version for th 8 :)

  9. Do you think it is possible for a town hall 8 to have a V base?

  10. Really nice distraction base. Uses Attacking Unit's AI against them. Some of the best th10 use distraction rather than trying to stop an attack with walls and attacking strength. Galadon calls it the "V" base

  11. I'm at 4K trophy (max TH10), i used it to test and it was epic fails after epic fails… lol

  12. Seems like the notorious Vitamin.EZ has sparked one hell of a defensive revolution when I put up 101 defensive wins in champion league. Keep it up everyone!

  13. I know that Dragons are not that great at th10, but if you maybe had all dragons, max loons in the clan castle, two freezes for the air defence and three rage spells, then you could possibly get 1-2 stars on this base

  14. Tried this base a while ago and was easily defeated by lavaloons. Just a star though but quite not invincible to aerial attacks i guess. 

  15. Th7+ join our clan War Gods we`re a new clan but most of our members are experienced our leader is Dark Assassin members must be active and ranks are earned

  16. I think the attacks on Marauder were alittle subpar…Many good attackers tend to lure out CC first…and/or start attack from the tip of this base….I've had this layout for about 4 days and it works 50% of the time (its vulnerable to Dragon attacks)…I will have to make some modifications but thanks for sharing the vid

  17. Is gala don in high school?

  18. +Clash of Clans Attacks Where can i find a screen of this base to have a look at?

  19. Interesting. Do a video with defences against air attacks please :)

  20. Just attack from the both sides