Clash Of Clans | JAKE ONEHIVE + 6 Expert Hog Attacks

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  1. ash. thank you for bringing Jake on. I miss u man.

  2. Love the video Ash, great to hear Jakes voice again!

  3. man, i need to step up my hog game. hi jake, i didnt know you, but you sound like a good guy.

  4. woot woot waiting for that jake return !

  5. lol I remember the first time I got into clash it was an amazing feeling, I loved the game and was hooked on it for over two years and it was an amazing experience.

    I always took the content on clash for granted, now I'm happy to see one clash video a week from some people, it's so sad.

    I remember waking up to jakes goodbye video : ( and from then the game wasn't the same for me

    As a th9 I can't really say I know where people come from when they say th11 has shitty balancing but I still quit the game due to school and though I made the right choice, but then I heard clash was improving and here I am again, hooked as ever.

    YouTube community will never be the same for clash again that it's so overwhelming :(

  6. Aw man! I missed you Jake! Thank you very much Ash!

  7. I want jake back

  8. would've loved if you asked or told Jake about CWL

  9. Jake is coming back!

  10. I missed jake and his channel!! good to hear his voice once again! Good job ash! I hope he'll comeback! Not necessarily clash videos but maybe a new game! That will be awesome!!

  11. There are so many things you could've asked Jake, I'm sure it was hard to narrow them down. I really would've liked to get his thoughts on the CWL and what Powerbang is doing on that channel. I think Jake would really like it.

  12. Does everyone like or dislike the fact that double giant bombs don't take out hogs anymore? Been seeing a ton of split gb placements lately. Personally I'm enjoying clash more then ever and I've been following the cwl footage and the raids have been superb.

  13. Vainglory

  14. Sir!! Why i always miss your 1000 tourney and 400 , is there exact time for your tourney?? Thanks…

  15. heyy jack

  16. Ash still films his irl videos with a potato

  17. Yo ash im 20-0 with this amazing hog deck i made. You gotta be in frozen peak to use it. I pushed 500 trophies today

  18. Great to hear Jake again

  19. Woo so happy u had jake on

  20. Great to hear from Jake … been too long.  Thanks to both of you for taking the time to make this video.

  21. Why isn't RED available on android? Completely ridiculous we don't have access to be able to donate through game.

  22. awesome video ash always bringing people togheter love it :D

  23. Video issue at 2:40

  24. Support red, yeah sure if they weren't dumb and not only do it with Apple, for iOS users…

  25. Man i wish coc was still fun for me 🙁 Whatever i guess, hope i will enjoy CR for as long as i had fun on coc (about 3 years i think)

  26. ahhh I miss that in my life

  27. wow I wasted my time with this piece of trash video

  28. The moment I heard his voice I smiled…hope your enjoying your retirement jake! And that your family is healthy and happy. We still think of you.

  29. Ty ash,great vid,need get both u guys back in clash!? good to hear u again jake,take care ?

  30. Love your videos ash, keep up the great work dude! Want to say so much things right now, but don't have much time right now. Just stay positive and keep doing what you love

    Greetings from Belgium :)

  31. jakeeeeeeeey!!!

  32. great to hear from ya jake! best of luck man!

  33. Do any of you guys remember the Kimchi questions, and how annoyed some people got that he didn't like it? Aaah the good old days

  34. Jake is the king come back man we need you back youtubing! You and ash are the best and yes hearing Jakes voice was majestic again! Like listening to James earl jones gives ya chills ….

  35. That was totally awesome Ash, so good to hear Jakes voice again; I'm glad he's doing so well. Nice to hear he may pop the odd video out too :)