Clash of Clans | JUDGEMENT DAY | How to Win Clan Wars

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  1. Chris! Please join my clan. The hashtag is #LYOYU9UC! I made this channel so you could join my clan! Please do it

  2. Look at elysium 50+ wins 1 lost

  3. join ELITE WARRIORS our leaders name is Armando

  4. Check out the clan I'm in called Badatclashing. Tag is #LLL822VQ, and we consist of mostly lower levels a few rushed higher levels, and me, Daniel_H212, who is the only none rushed higher level in the clan. We war twice a week, and we have won only 6 wars, because obviously we get clan war mismatches since so many of us are rushed. I'm asking you to visit because our clan is Badatclashing, and I want you to tell us how bad we are at clashing, and tell the others how to fix that.

  5. #QOTD: i hate clash royale

  6. Clan Name: War Beasts
    Clan Tag: #92PPPVVJ
    Name: Kong
    I've been practicing GoHo a lot and most of the time I get three stars can you please look at my attacks and give some advice, I need to perfect GoHo. One more question, Can we still do GoHo at th9 and three starring them??


  8. Join my clan please

  9. It's a Bengali clan

  10. CQOTD: When do you think the next Dark Elixer troop will come out, or if a it will even come out?

  11. idk if you'd join us but
    clan name : Khenga!!
    tag : P8PPP28J
    We are the only clan with this name btw

  12. My clan is OG Trill Farm** we mostly push and we have a few good players and a few bad ones. Go check us out Cam.

  13. That intro doe XD

  14. Join our clan DEEP-BLUE

  15. CQOTD: Can you do more th8 3 Star war videos?

  16. hey my clan name is WARLORDS and the tag is #yq2jvjyq and I am the one who in my clan I do all of the war attacks and ifbi don't attack we lose lol

  17. Greek Ducks #2QJVOQ8P. Very playful clan of jokers. :)

  18. Join our clan. Skilled lvl 4 clan. A lot of wins lately good golaloon attacks. Our name is – The Reelers – Clan tag: #L0YGP988 You cud even get in a clan war no problem.

  19. wakawaka

  20. We are learning three star strategy to move to the main clan (Reddit Elephino)

  21. CQOTD:If u have 42,000 gem for town hall 9 and a lot of stuff needed upgraded what would u upgrade.
    Clan name pudge patrol

  22. Check my clan out- Rhinophant, it's a feeder clan from Reddit Elephino

  23. Come check us out!! .. Faces of war is my clan .. my name is Javier in it

  24. Join Six Scorches please!!

  25. The Red Scare it has red and blue stripes

  26. CQOTD:have you ever listened to your subscribers on twitter? ?because I didn't.

  27. Hey Cam Nice Vid Dude Can U Plz Join My Clan Its a Level 2 Clan Called RiseOfAbyss If u See My Name which is Called DestinedGamer Plz Join And Judge Me Bye

  28. Hey Cam!!! My clan is called Blood Warriors, and is a level 3 clan, that is striving to get better, at clan wars, and regular raiding, and using good attack strategies. Our clan tag is #YJ20C9. We got some great donators over here, with decent level troops. Mostly do 10 v 10s, but we want to get some advice from you, to create a strong, solid war society. Thanks! Also I am the leader of my clan, profile name is XxEliteMasterxX. Please help us out, if u can! Means a lot!

  29. Dawn Of Fire
    Lvl 4 clan
    war always
    Our clan does good on defense but a lot of our members need to learn how to do simple attacks. I am TheFeels

  30. cqotd: can you play a different game besides clash.

  31. I need a clan

  32. my clan is Fishers of Men

  33. Sounds like a good idea. Check out 6MONKEYS tag #22UQ9VLU. Small war/farming clan mostly th9s.

  34. join jak's empire

  35. hey cam! I was wondering for your next intro if you may can look up the clan thainygun tnut and look at this guys base, which his name is *men*. it'll be great if you make fun his base!!?????

  36. Dat beatbox lol.

  37. *cam

  38. hey cam I would really appreciate if you came to my clan Clutch Warriors! we are a level 4 clan that needs a lot help but has th 11's and 10's and many open and active players !! I would love to hear your advice good or bad – thanks ( I'm Ryan34 btw )

  39. hey! please help us in wars. love your videos. clan name- 615/24/7/365 level 8 clan. the trophy level is 1400.

  40. btw great beat box ….I can't even do the basic…fuck

  41. Cam can you please make a giant and a golem race i think thats cool

  42. Help us Yaro the Legend #8PY8YV92 We are level 7 and a loosing streak. We have 96 war wins.

  43. If you do this more often (I like the idea) please PLEASED check out my clan: wizard power (purple and black banner, lvl4 clan)

  44. deez nuts: clan

  45. can join caged death plzzzzzzzzzz?????