Clash of Clans | LAVA WALLS?? WTF?! | Full 2015 Update Overview (Spell Changes)

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  1. Supercell : Oh, Cam is getting his walls leveled up pretty well, CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN Adds 25 more walls OH, now you think you can max your traps? LOL Adds new trap level for 8 million per bomb Kappa

  2. anyone else think that the new wall is bad?

  3. Stop thinking there's gonna be a TH11. It'll ruin the game, horribly. And the gold walls… They looked like that 6 months ago. If you aren't a noob you'd know that, they're only the slightest bit orange. And the lvl 11 walls look better now, I'd rather see Dragon shit on them than Mr. Freeze vomit on them.

  4. chehejs

  5. which do you prefer the blue ones or the lava ones?

  6. #CamMath

  7. achmed the dead terrorist in the intro lol

  8. Can I join your clan?

  9. aye cam i am a war monger and id love to be in your clan bro.

  10. I agree. The new walls don't look too cool.

  11. Also, the new walls look like somebody attempted to infuse Level 9 or 10 walls with orange soda and it went horribly wrong.

  12. A lot of mindless idiots who think Town Hall 11 is going to come out when TOWN HALL 9 Still has more fucking content than Town Hall 10…. They are nowhere near finished.

  13. Love your vids cam! You have taught me so much about clash!

  14. Blue walls i miss ?

  15. please reply

  16. For the last wall level supercell should have it so you can have whatever wall you want it too look like. ( I like level 1 walls )

  17. oh i think that update is in store but its not :(

  18. That intro???

  19. 25% earthquake spell damage is for a max level earthquake spel

  20. FK YOU CAM THE NEW WALL LOOKS GREAT. ITS MUCH BETTER WITH THE TOWN HALL 10 (even though im town hall 7 close to 8) (love your videos :P)