Clash of clans – LEADERBOARD WAR ( kings at war)

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  1. what is ur favorite hero? officer warden

  2. godson what's your facebook name

  3. 666 likes

  4. Just to be clear I'm not asking for attention but I am just asking you guys to check out my latest video and tell me what I need to improve. I will take most comments into consideration. Thank you for your time!

  5. Now we'll never know if the Golem ever made it past the wall! D:

  6. what means kk ?

  7. Yo! Godson! How can I contact you? I got a good loot raid 🙂 ?

  8. Theis mike is noisy

  9. Or not

  10. GodSon you should make your own clan it could be called Epic Gods

  11. Your microphone is a potato, heheeheh..

  12. Whats up with the audio quality

  13. the worden is not merid to the quuing

  14. TH11 3 Starred on my channel

  15. Godson ur awesome

  16. Do a all archer attack in war then troll somebody with all haste spells

  17. lol

  18. Fuck kings rock.

  19. Funny

  20. Godson gimme a YeeeeaaAAAaaa

  21. hey youtube. shotasoco.

  22. Came someone give me a pekka in my clan plz it's called clash of kings my name is Victor #21