Clash of Clans – Let’s Play #1!

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  1. I just began clash of clans 4 days ago.

  2. what bryan uses golds to create spells i need to use elixirs wtf

  3. Customize your message

  4. U should do a lets play from the beginning 

  5. HD FTW!!!

  6. You are horrible at this game and are a huge rip off of Chief Pat, except
    he actually knows what the game is about and how to play it. 

  7. How do u make make spells with gold?

  8. Join us ! Join Asimov’s Keep ! We donate dragon !

  9. I love your vids

  10. is coc till only in canada and finland on android?

  11. Woo first comment

  12. And tarn khai is a youtuber i think he has two account one tarn khai and
    other is stier!!

  13. Get yur giants to lvl 5 lol

  14. at the end you be at twenty hundred trophies?? @1.20

  15. Nice

  16. Thanks thanks thanks ssssooooo much foe getting clash of clans on play
    store thanks tytytytyty

  17. it does

  18. Overkill

  19. YES!! 5RD COMMENT!! lol

  20. exactly

  21. Upgrade you dark eliker drill I have been at town hall 8 for8 days and
    mines is maxes

  22. Use this strategy troops, use 25 hogs,3 dragons and rest is wizards

  23. it came for android now? and one question can someone join my clan that i
    ahve on iphonr if he plays on android or is it diffrent worlds?

  24. Hey Bryan I need a lot of gold can you collide your clan with our clan. If
    you can the clan is: dark dragon, there is no capital

  25. Copier*cough cough*