Clash of Clans – Let’s Play #2!

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  1. Customize your message

  2. Can U do town hall 7 good base

  3. What dos tanky mean

  4. Nice video

  5. Cool

  6. pls next do th8 trophy base pls thumbs up so he can see

  7. Well there should be a search preference for coc like type in how much gold
    and elixer you want and all you get are bases with that amount of recources

  8. check out our clan: ballas gang

  9. lol nice dude

  10. atleast i dont spam random numbers and call it a nickname

  11. I did that one ballon and 1 giant and 5 archers it’s damn easy just show
    sherbet towers!

  12. Oops

  13. For town hall 10 bases

  14. To get raped sideways by a gay mexican hooker. Why would you want to be
    first for that?

  15. To get sucked of by your dad 😀

  16. 26th view 10th like

  17. اول

  18. Go bj whooooooooo!!!:)

  19. In a week ill have the best town hall 7 in the world

  20. so bj can make a review off his base

  21. Wow

  22. What do you use to record?

  23. Crows b4 Hoes clan Velcro_Dan

  24. great vid man

  25. the guy with an x at the start of his name is calling people kids… right