Clash of Clans – Let’s Play #7!

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  2. *Hei guys do you hear? There is a brand new clash of clans gems hack on
    internet. Here is the link for it!*

  3. shane

  4. why bother using so many wallbreakers and spells when you can just use 200
    archers, find bases with all of the resources in the mines and pumps and
    earn 200/300k of each easily like that…

  5. Henry wakker he gets gold from mines to

  6. Ur clan is so weak

  7. Hey bj hope u can post more higher level gameplan

  8. Holy that is

  9. You are awesome Bryan

  10. Great Vid man 😀

  11. I dont think so kasey bruhz

  12. Wwwwwait when i said usuk u meant to the guy below me he said balloons suck
    and when i said i meant holy i meant hollow

  13. Series wtf autocorrect

  14. I love this SERIS

  15. Hi

  16. You* Your videos are shit so shut the fuck up!

  17. Check me out bro

  18. Nice

  19. Keep doing this awesome series it’s so good

  20. U suck

  21. u havent cacuated how much u profited because ur troop comp is expensive,
    unless ur a gemmer with like lvl 3-4 giants. olny how much u got not after
    u spend

  22. I love ur videos

  23. U waste elixir on single player maps u can do that with just 5 giants and
    all archers!

  24. Wow that 200 goblins raid was a fail

  25. You really need to bring sum wbs and also a few giants for distraction. 200
    goblins is such a bad strategy, i could of easily 3 starred that base with
    a army that takes less time and resourses than that strategy.