Clash of clans lets play – Clash of clans – How to use the Gowiwi Attack Strategy!

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  1. do you have any attack tricks or attack suggestion for town hall 7 and 8?

  2. tell us how many troops liek how many witches how many golems how many
    wizards ect

  3. Don’t the heroes just stay around their pads now since the update?

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  5. Because he should be using jump spells instead of wall breakers

  6. Go wee wee… fucking amazing.

  7. Instead name it Wigowi (pronounce it Wih-gouu-wee)

  8. you should make an updated video because of the new hero update

  9. Why was the heros in the beging they going every here

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  12. Dude get the developers iPad and 300 golems,Wizards,and witches

  13. u said th 11?????????


  15. search the cra cubllos

  16. Sadly you can’t lure out Heros anymore. Is there an update on using this
    strategy after the Heroes been updated?

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  19. I like dis game alote so i like also the vidéos

  20. GoWipe=Wiping a dirty ass(Preferably with shit already on it)

    GoWiWi=Taking a piss

  21. I’m only lv 9 th. I can hold 220 troops. What all should I use. I know you
    said 15 to 20 breakers. But you never specified how many golem witches and
    wizards to use. I also noticed you had a few archers and barbs to help draw
    out the heroes. Please someone help lol

  22. how do you get gold
    fast can i know in a vid?

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  24. man u must have loads of space in ur army camp!