Clash of Clans – LET’S PLAY – Gems, Builder’s Huts, & Loot Upgrades! (Ep. 1)

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the series and play along with me with your own
    accounts! For those skeptical about CoC and love the “zombies” on my
    channel — CoC is a great game, you should give a shot. BUT I will still
    always be bringing you new Zombies content and info here, first. It’s my
    favorite game EVER, and that WILL NOT CHANGE.

  2. Love your videos keep up good work

  3. 1rd

  4. Lvl 5+ troops

  5. I am a level 15 and a clan accepted me

  6. Use my code in appnana and ill use yours d2512578

  7. My code is b9400602

  8. My code k8651368. Thanks

  9. Plz continue it im subbing to you cause of it

  10. whats the app/website to cheat on attacks called? you kno the one where u
    test the attack or something?

  11. is this your 1st account?

  12. dude couldn’t of u just used like 4 balloons to clear the 3 & 4 level on

  13. + clash of clans & zombies how do i join ur clan

  14. join darkfarming nl 

  15. How do you get all these gems …. please respond ??

  16. This is gonna be awesome :D

  17. 11st

  18. Call the cop he got Ebola 

  19. like this idea with this series :)

  20. Th 10

  21. C7786649

  22. How do you get 5000 gems when your town hall is just level 5

  23. I think it’s really cool that you are able to respond to the comments!:) I
    watch a lot of you tubers who don’t! 

  24. Thanks for liking my comment last week BTW cant wait to see more of this 🙂

  25. I have won every defence for 1 week with lvl 5 TH base (CoC clan BoYz_clan)
    my name is LILGEORDIE