Clash of Clans | LEVEL 3 CLAN VS LEVEL 3 CLAN WAR | War for Clan Perks

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  1. Do you think we will win? Find out tomorrow! :)

  2. Why do you have people in your clan donating lvl 4 archers
    period…especially for war

  3. Like for Cam
    Comment for Clash
    Ignore for Justin Bieber

  4. Hey I’m the leader of all mighty gods I’m kctyler of all mighty gods we
    just started prep with u can u make a video on that clan war with our clan

  5. Like for cam
    Comment for godson
    Ignore for AeroTPOD

  6. At 5:36 AERO trying to make up for his fail on #1!!!

  7. Lol aero is still in the clan even after last episode. At 5:35 he talks in

  8. Why would you do a war attack with only 5 low levels archers in ur cc?!

  9. Tell Aero I said good job on the three star.

  10. IKR!! I have the same problem. The Asian clans always kick our asses

  11. hey cam i wana start recording CoC videos on youtube can you help me out

  12. Clash youtubers in order from favourite to least favourite.
    5.Tyrael (Seriously check him out)
    9.Play clash of clans
    I know Im missing a few but this is just top 10.

  13. your th8 base for me got 2 starred by level 1 dragons and i have level 5
    air defenses…. how!?!?

  14. I had a nightmare that I upgraded my th before maxing my base

  15. The Filipino’s are the most scariest Asian to my knowledge ;_:

  16. “CAM I 3 STARRED LET UR SUBS KNOW!” What a faggot lol

  17. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 oh baby a triple kill

  18. lol at Aero’s message. If you read this Aero, I saw your msg. 

  19. +Clash Of Clans With Cam you didn’t have a gowipe trained up… you had
    a gowiwipe trained up :P

  20. I was takin a shit when u watched dis ??

  21. U are sooooooo close to 300k

  22. holy shit ! what a start of a war ! my god 

  23. cam plzz let me in your clan im lvl 65

  24. Lmao the thing in the intro happened to my clan too, 20 stars with 2
    attacks LOL

  25. Can I join your clan? TH 8 great attacker. 5-6 starts a battle