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  1. I'm level 203 at a lower townhall and have WAY MORE DONATIONS

  2. Hes literally just a bot idk what is soooo special

  3. I Hope You Hit 50k Subs By This Year That Would Be Amazing! Also Nice Video!

  4. can I join your fallout clan Mr Clasher

  5. But great video??

  6. As u can see his friend in need is way low so hes obliviously botting a goblin map come on guys theres no way hes higher than brandon with his fin that low

  7. Hi man, I really like your vids and i really hope that you get 50k subs by the end of this year. Keep up the good work. :3

  8. How old are you?

  9. Could I join your clan. Level 126. Th 9.5

  10. nice video

  11. wow

  12. bruh your channel is dying. You deserve more views and exposure.

  13. Yo any chance I can join ur clan I'm level 96

  14. I never thought I'd see the day where Brandon would get sweeped for World's highest level player.

  15. when I was watching this and the was a 1 in the chat I kept trying to open it thinking it was my clan????

  16. People don't even know how much u work for us plus your base and intro is awasome keep up the gooooood work

  17. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans video where I present for the first time a level 400+ player inside the game! #ClashofClans

  18. nice vid

  19. Hi

  20. yo im in your clan lol

  21. 3rd

  22. reply mr clasger

  23. 1st