Clash Of Clans – LIGHTNING x4 Vs. CC w/ TROOPS INSIDE!! (Lvl 13 perk!?!?!)

  1. Godson u buddy? always make me laugh!

  2. stop braging

  3. Godson u dummy !! Don't praise that clan !! They r notorious for ghosting modding and cheating lol. It's easy to make it to lv 13 when u have 3rd party help lol. Google them look in the forums and even here. Or ask galadon about them. There is more than enough proof lol. They lose almost every war when the mods r down lol. I have matched with them like 10 times and we lost 8 but won 2 cuz the mods were down. Lol.

  4. tbh godson is like the worst clash YouTuber :/

  5. There are even level 14 clans!!!

  6. YO GODSON amazing trolling bro

  7. there is lvl 14 clans out there

  8. there is more lvl 13 clans

  9. go to my account plz everyone

  10. that was me

  11. My clan is lvl 13 my username is clash King, the clan is called DontTreadOnMe

  12. Supreme cleave is level 14

  13. u copied GT

  14. طريقـة زيـادة المشـتركيـن :-

    1_ اشتركوا بقنــااتي
    2-فعل التنبيهات عند اشتراكك
    3_ اكتـب تـم
    4_ اردهــاا الكــم  ?

  15. Can u please do more videos with the animations where u talk and stuff? It's very funny.
    Example, the video "Immoral Bowler".

  16. The clan levels can go passed level 15, but you can search it to only level 15. All clan perks stop at level 10.

  17. my clan is lv 12

  18. We have a lvl 11 clan and it's taking ages to get to lvl 12… Props to the lvl 13!

  19. First

  20. lol i luv the intros

  21. Walls are useless unless new update makes lvl of earthquake spell actually means something. Like four simple taps of lv1 eq spells turn millions of my investments on walls into pile of shits. It doesn't make sense.


  23. Can Wahab Gaming guy fuck off .. no one wants to watch your shitty videos !

  24. ??????كادسن اتكلم اشويت عربي

  25. Godson for President ! ??

  26. my clan is level 13 after our current war.

  27. New subscriber!❤️