Clash of Clans – LIPSTICK TERRORIST! Story Sunday Funny Story! Funny Moments & More!

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  1. Assassins creed syndicate to?

  2. #lipsdick

  3. #lipstick Talks about Cam but not me, WOW what happened to the #huskyfam
    @FsuAtl @ThousandFinches

  4. #Lipstick

  5. #Lipstick

  6. #Lipstick

  7. #lipsdicks oops I mean #lipstick the only dick is the one that kid is eating xD

  8. #lipstick tell stud in your clan that heal spells don't work in range of infer os

  9. I'll definitely be watching you playin' Battlefront. Can't wait to get that game! #lipstick

  10. #Lipstick

  11. #lipstick lol dat kid doh

  12. How to start a internet war post an original comment Let the war begin

  13. Lmao #lipstick ???

  14. #Lipstick, was the kid who put that lipstick is the same gay kid who played the trump wall speech. lmao ?

  15. #LipStick

  16. #lipstick

  17. omg I almost died when you said we are not doing coc today

  18. #lipstick

  19. #lipstick oh man I love ur story sunday

  20. #lipstick Love this series always makes me lol