Clash of Clans – Live YouTuber Clan War (Full Stream)

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  1. Clash of Clans – Live YouTuber Clan War (Full Stream)

  2. Pretty Long Stream!!! Honour to those who caught up it all !!!!! #TrueFans

  3. i wanted masterov, coleson,witelightninghwd , molt , godson and peter17$ in
    this episode

  4. Not at all how I pictured galadon would look

  5. I already watched this on clash of clans channel

  6. bjcandive , m0lt and godson deserved more than some of those guys to be

  7. Where’s OV?

  8. I really don’t like galadon for some reason lol. He can’t even talk
    properly. His hosting is terrible, looking at pat most of the time like he
    doesn’t have a clue what to do next. Basically pat just does all
    The talking. Instead of him you should have invited a better set of
    youtubers. Daddy, godson, clashwithcam and MASTEROV. How the heck was
    MASTEROV not invited? 

  9. I thought galadon was like 20 lol

  10. This Event was not Even Funny @ all 

  11. Thats dumb to have someone thats never played on a team

  12. Does everyone see the wizard on the top in the jumpspell at 1:19:33 to
    1:19:47 he is turned his way so often!!! answer when everyone see it!!!!

  13. JAJAJAJAJAJJAAJAJAJAJ (Laughs in Spanish) “English Motherf***er, do you
    speak it? -Ehh, Que?”

  14. Where are GodSonCoc,GamingWITHMOLT and Clash with Cam !?!?!?!??!?!? BTW I

  15. The level three!
    Never expected that:-)
    But still was a very good interesting clan war:-)

  16. Now what you don’t know, is that Nick saw this as a great opportunity, to
    remove his possible competition! Before he came home he brutally murdered
    all other 9 contestants, and stole their subscribers!


  17. lol cool very funny lol +chifepat

  18. Why didn’t Cole or Whitelightninghwd get invited? Is it cuz they swear?

  19. Under 301 club

  20. lol I watched this already!

  21. #liveclash Do a all peak raid Nickatnyte

  22. can i just say total damage is winning before the video starts, cause
    purple cobras got a th3 and a th8 vs all th10s

  23. Did chief pat really swear that much? 

  24. If i was there, my favorite part of Finland would be the Dudesons

  25. We should have seen BOOM BEACH commercials on the break haha