Clash of Clans – LOCKED OUT? “TOP PLAYER STRATEGY ATTACK!” New Clan On Top! World’s Highest 4

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  1. If nobody sees this comment then I am both first and not first…

  2. CQOTD: what porn category do you watch.

  3. CQOTD: what is your beef with Mega Empire?

  4. CQOTD: How about coc having the ability to save troop compositions, for
    example if you use balloonion and gowipe you can save the army so all you
    had to do is tap one button.

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  6. CQOTD: whats wrong with you and mega empire

  7. Like if school sucks

  8. CQOTD: Do you have any advice for a Town Hall 9 pushing to Titan’s League,
    like a certain strategy I should use for 1 star attacks? I’m currently at
    3341 Trophies as of this comment.

  9. CQOTD: Any advice on how not to be late for classes if we get our schedules
    on the first day of school?

  10. Should they have a dark healer that looks like the other one except black
    themed that will heal air troops

  11. you attacked clash with cams base

  12. I’am probably first.

  13. CQOTD: When you started YouTube, did your parents support you or did they
    want you to focus on school?


  15. cqotd whats your beef with mega?

  16. CQOTD: whats the story on the beef with MEGA???

  17. Awesome video man!! Did you check out my clash vs boom epic rap battle!??

  18. CQOTD: Do girls throw themself at you because of youtube

  19. CQOTD:Mystic do you have beef with anyone besides me if so tell us all you
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  20. CQOTD: Do you think it would be cool if there was a hero spell where you
    can use their special ability again? And you have to caste the spell on
    either a king or a king for it to work.

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  22. you should do face cam the whole vid
    +MYSTLC7 – Clash Of Clans

  23. Cqotd: why doesn’t anyone use Valkyries

  24. I dont think being able to choose which clan to war is a good idea. People
    may abuse it to just get wins in war.

  25. CQOTD: What happened between you and the clan MEGA EMPIRE?