Clash Of Clans | LVL 10 CLAN! Now what…..? FUTURE OF PERKS/CLAN WARS

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  1. I don't understand your solutions, they don't solve the problem that you stated(That new clans would feel too far behind older, higher level clans). Having a skill tree for clans after level 10 still poses this problem, especially with your suggestions(+1 dps, +1% hitpoints)

  2. They need to add more upgrades to TH11!!!
    Good video man! I hope supercell took notes!
    I love the asthetic point!

  3. " The game is dying right now "

  4. Ash search up Brutus in clan search and put in the specific search lvl 10, and you will see that Brutus is lvl 11?! Please do a video or talk about! Thanks Ash and keep doing what your doing!!!

  5. The tree-upgrade thing becomes an issue for clans wars.

  6. Seems like Clash is slowly dying and Supercell isn't bothering to fix it…

  7. first to say first!

  8. That's so true about leader boards will bring more competitive feel of clash of clans back and will be cool feature! Nice Vid ash!

  9. Nice Ash

  10. Nice vid

  11. Wow, we were just discussing this in my clan. We are about to go lvl 10. Our conclusion was that this is just when things are heating up as we get the maximum benefit from being in the clan.

  12. Totally Agree with you ash.

  13. I have another idea, you could try linking clans like main clan, brother clan, and sister clans.

  14. There are level 11 clans…

  15. The issue with the clan perks like longer rage spell duration are that they give the player a direct advantage, something that supercell is attempting to avoid. I think a better idea for additional clan perks could be decreased hero regeneration times, or decreased spell and barrack cook time.

  16. oops sorry for sending that twice

  17. you should make a video about those
    just a suggestion

  18. you should make a video about those
    just a suggestion

  19. congratulations sac!!!!

  20. did u know that if you are a level 10 clash of clans clan and you war A LOT you can actually become level 11? there are 3 clans of now that are level 11

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  23. level 5 my clan has a very long way to go lol

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  25. Nice video man