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  1. My man sounds high hahahahahaha

  2. good video bro!!
    checkout my channel, i just started posting videos!

  3. I hate it from the eagle

  4. Wow, this tool is awesome for coc gems 🙂 Clash of Clans: "Lvl 3 WITCH RUSH! ATTACKING TH11's…" CRAZY DEFENSES And MORE!

  5. Hey Beaker, I'm a new follower and you have amazing videos. I wanted to ask if you can rate my base or what I can do differently?

  6. hey "B", appreciate some approach tips on attacking TH 11's. thanks bud

  7. try and attack with only your cc and spells on a week base

  8. It sucks for TH7s.

  9. Beaker I just watched someone 3* a TH11 like it was his job. It had the warden and the eagle.
    I think I'm gonna struggle with it though I'm shit at attacking. My defence is on point not had more than a 63% 2* on my TH8 yet.

  10. the part where you explain what the wizard does on defense is really funny.. haha.. 'He 's like ''allright peace'' and turns into a statue'. you cant even contain yourself.. ahahah

  11. So far I hate this update I get hit all the time and if I do win a defense I only get a 30 mins shield also we lost storage it use to be 8,001,000 now it is 8,000,000 so WTF JONUS!!!!!!!!! The only up side is donate a Dark Elixir Spell.

  12. Nice Video

  13. The new hero on defense is the male statue of liberty. It holds an open book and is also holding a torch.

  14. should i go for a troll base ? i am a mid level TH 8 in masters.

  15. In what townhall do i unlock witches?

  16. Now people doing drag on th9 too thats sick -_-

  17. join our lvl8 clan max th8 or th9 are welcomed #ljcyrcj

  18. witches are my b!+¢#€$ lol

  19. Farming DE got really after the update. I just dropped trophies and sniped town halls and I've farmed 55k in 2 days work

  20. Just discovered your Channel. Subscribed :)