Clash of Clans | MASS DRAGON RAGE | “Chief Pat?” Level 5 Maxed Dragons Attack Strategy

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  1. Chief Pat don’t hurt me it was a joke.. Ily ❤️

  2. Throwing fire like a wizard hehe

  3. Wow I heard a fire truck, I ought it was my mixtape, but forgot about cams
    roast 🙁

  4. Chief Pat gets roasted ?

  5. LMAO!!! “Guess thats not chief pat then” omg i fucking love u cam xD 

  6. #camisdecentatattacking?

  7. Cam.. Are you ever going to reveal the outro song? I’ve been waiting for it
    for over a year now :(

  8. 6:01 a random tesla pops up near the town hall

  9. Sum1 call the fire department cuz pat just got burned

  10. Cam where is the th8 game play? I’ve been checking on the base and hasn’t
    even attacked in 12 days….

  11. I’m early let me think of a joke

    Like or your mom dies in 30 seconds…

  12. Cam is the real Clash of Comedy sorry Cole!

  13. Am I the only one who noticed that the Tesla at the top right at 6:00 just
    suddenly popped up?


  15. VERY VERY FUNY HAHAHSHSHDGAHSHAH ::))));)):);)););) 

  16. The intro was so funny HAHAHAHA

  17. Wait how come I can’t upgrade my walls with elixir ?

  18. Notice me Senpai.

  19. wait, did you steal all of colesons sound effects?

  20. Laughed so hard at the beginning

  21. Hey cam, may I join your clan I’m a th8 its not rushed not maxed but it’s
    alright. Some of my defenses are maxed for th8. I am not gonna rush I’m
    going to max my th8 first then go to th9.

  22. how are they doing that in the intro?

  23. Anybody happen to know a good trophy range to farm I am a th7 maxed waiting
    for th to upgrade. 

  24. Just unlocked dragon and did my first ever dragon raid! Got 3 stars and
    800k loot!

  25. You’re way better than him. You create content. Like real stuff. Others are
    just shits except daddy.