Clash of Clans – Mass Max Wall Breakers with Clone Spells

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  1. Brandon , very sad for u !!! U seem don't care about the comments !!!Stop the mass upload !!

  2. Wow???

  3. Clickbait god

  4. What a way to chase away our subscribers

  5. brandon you nothing better to do ah everyting do things like shit 120 wall breaker are u fucking srs? wow u shoulf be push to number 1 or smt

  6. Wtf

  7. Next video , Only spell strategy .

  8. Hogs with clone spell

  9. 陈肥佬,我求求你不要穿这些垃圾视频了么……

  10. 陈肥佬,你没救了,,,,,,,

  11. Only 1% of people is watching your video comparing to your subscriber

  12. "We have cloned golems, barbarians, blah blah blah blah blah". HA

  13. This is boring you have now lost a subscriber lol


  15. disgusting

  16. Just play a whole different game you look bored af

  17. why are you adding "COC d" at the end of these videos"

  18. Why is everyone hating on his concent latley?

  19. Pre-recorded scheduled videos with short video titles because why not

  20. officially unsubbing. Clearly doesnt care about his audience any more and his channel is dead.

  21. When you run out of video ideas so you mass upload clickbait videos for that sweet sweet youtube revenue

  22. Lol this is when you know when he is out of ideas… Cloning wall breakers….

  23. i tried it on a th 7 and got a 3 star and am max th 9

  24. Oh shit

  25. Meow <3

  26. it s cheat. …

  27. Hey brandon, i used to like your channel a lot but your content seems to be getting worst. I can understand the fact that you have been bored of the game and dont want to farm/push/donate anymore. What you should do is make a video every 2-3 days were you do colabs/strategies and clash of clans gameplay. I really like your channel and i do NOT want it to die.

  28. pffff

  29. 87th

  30. why do you put Gemming in the title.. -_-

  31. 4th place with like

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  33. 4th place with like

  34. sir i am udesh i need help sir