Clash of Clans | Mass Witches and P.E.K.K.A’s

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  1. What troop should I mass attack with next?…YOUR MOTHER??


  2. I got a 99% on a base once, but only got one star. The final building was
    the Town Hall. #thestruggleisreal

  3. SSundee, personally i think these COC vids are my fav so More COC would be
    great xD. And next troop should be Hog Riders! That wld be awesome :)

  4. How do you get the Gems?

  5. Why do people train P.E.K.K.A.’s? They take forty five minutes to train and
    they aren’t very fast either. 

  6. U fucking gemm

  7. Is he retarted or something?

  8. Ssundee you should push to legends league

  9. Ahh wtf, stick to mine craft you 12 year old. 

  10. Did anyone notice at 6:59 how the final countdown started, then the battle
    started, but then at 7:02 he cut, then the counter reset itself back to 20
    seconds left?

  11. sorry ssundee love your vids but your not good at clash gemming is not good
    its best to learn the game you should group your witches they are not like
    wizards or archer

  12. Coc is best

  13. Invite me to your clan My user name is Master Matthew

  14. We got Valkeries.

  15. Anyone wanna trade coc accounts? I’m a lvl 77 th8 with 20 black walls and
    rest dark purple walls. I am looking for a max th8-th10.

    Kik me if interested: aPrettyAwesomeGuy

  16. Ssundee ur my favourite utube I was ur 1369 subscriber I’m sure I will love
    ur fideism from the start to da End keep making videos dude ur the best
    utube out there

  17. Dude, you are INTENSE

  18. You should get the new update, attack with the dark spells, and try to get
    to the new league that’s above the champions league

  19. Am I the only one who finds non-Minecraft videos more entertaining than
    SSundee’s regular videos?

  20. +SSundee Stick to Minecraft u retard.

  21. Bnvnbbvvhghgbjgjjhjg
    Fgcvbc v cry. D

  22. +SSundee can I join your clan? Im a th 8

  23. 1. You can’t 3 star a th8 with all max witches.. you suck. People 3 star
    max th10’s with all witches.
    3. You can’t heal through an inferno dumbass
    4. Your spell placement fucking sucks.

    You sir are possibly the worst clash of clans player in the world. Nice
    rushed base/heroes.

  24. Ssundee post more clash of clans videos…..

  25. Join my clan its cald molomolo