Clash of Clans – Mass Witches in WAR Does it work!?

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  1. you should farm it.

  2. 1000$ for lvl 40 heroes? Maybe better if you will just spend it to your family :)

  3. Keep face cam! More entertaining!

  4. my clan was attacked in clan war by mass witch

  5. That clicking off the troop thing is a major glitch and has ruined attacks for me in war. Ever since update it has been sticky.

  6. Keep the face-cam! Too distracting? Really? Plus we all love seeing "Send everyone!"

  7. im the leader of vikes11 clan,

  8. we need attacks that don't involve max hero's.

  9. don't gem your heros, most that watch don't have maxed heros

  10. Upgrade to lvl40 when hit 100k subs

  11. upgrade your heros man like really

  12. Spence I think you should wait for the channel to grow before buying max heroes so you can put more time into vids and less to work and bills love the Vedas and keep up the good work


  14. i'm the guy who donated at you…

    just kidding

  15. Spend 1 million dollars

  16. Spencer , really ur attack is amazing and so strong. Keep on man with ur nice awesome cam. Send everyone :D

  17. Here's an idea: instead of gemming like a loser why don't you raid for resources and upgrade your king and queen like normal people who don't waste money

  18. post more videos on clan wars if you could

  19. Your donation is through Patreon? Does that transfer money with PayPal? If so, I can try donating little amounts from time to time.

  20. farm your heroes