Clash of Clans – MASSIVE Wall Breaker Attacks!

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  1. I remember the time when dark barracks didn't even exist!´╗┐

  2. Do a mass golem raid´╗┐

  3. hey chief pat thor was in my clan and everyone is happy to see a great clasher like u had fun and liked his base´╗┐

  4. old but still effective!´╗┐

  5. CoC is dead nerds come play clash royale nerds.´╗┐

  6. I just watched you play in clash Royal´╗┐

  7. Sub to my channel and I will sub to urs I'm not being a spammer I'm just trying to get a fan base going.´╗┐

  8. Finishes the vid with 69 on the screen ?´╗┐

  9. if you reply I'll be so happy play clash of clans´╗┐

  10. hi pat´╗┐

  11. Good old days´╗┐

  12. I'm sad and mad´╗┐

  13. Damn Chief Pat, back at it again with the regular uploads!!!´╗┐

  14. only pat can get a high two star with 30 wall breakers nowadays´╗┐

  15. Wait, but I do want to see a 20 minute video of you ranting about the Queen's AI.´╗┐

  16. Chief pat is the type a nigga to upload advanced warfare when bo3 came out´╗┐

  17. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!´╗┐

  18. Yep´╗┐

  19. Gemas gemas! Descarguen la app WHAFF y utilizen mi codigo para ganar un bono extra: DH97038´╗┐

  20. Anyone remembers when bases had spikes lol´╗┐

  21. do a all wall breaker attack! Some youtubers show videos on wall breakers destroying buildings. So test your luck!´╗┐

  22. But still´╗┐

  23. hey´╗┐

  24. hey´╗┐

  25. I thought he was going to say "peace on the streets San" ??´╗┐

  26. chief pat can i join ur clan plzz im town hall 7 can i join anyone plzz´╗┐

  27. Pat: Remember
    Me: Yeah?
    Pat: Wall Breakers are OP
    Me: Brings 120 Wall Breakers and full clan castle of Wall Breakers to a raid´╗┐

  28. Ôťîout´╗┐

  29. This just proves how op level 40 heroes are if he had only level 20 he probably still will be able to 2 star a lot of these bases but it would far more difficult´╗┐

  30. Patt do you have a good clan i can join?´╗┐

  31. If the eternal tone is done when wall breakers are about to destroy a wall, will they become regular skeletons´╗┐

  32. Pat why are you so good at attacking´╗┐


    please kill me´╗┐



  36. You guys remember when people actually played this game?´╗┐

  37. do an all golem attack´╗┐

  38. I remember this and I was always like why you have 20 wall breakers, you only need like 5? (I was a th 6 at the time) but now I'm like why would you use wall breakers when you can use jump?´╗┐

  39. Make clash ROYALE vid they are better then this shit´╗┐