Clash of Clans | Max Th10 VS Th10 3 Star With Bowler Walk!

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  1. cool

  2. You sound like Bob's mom. :D

  3. Diet Coke or PIZZA ?

  4. man that look it took forever to si

  5. Also the ending of the video cracked me up!!!!

  6. ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO! Keep you he good work Z, you are on you're way to being a big youtuber. We really need to get collabing soon XD

  7. Thanks for providing the link to this game in your description…. It however, may be one of those addicting games! (dangerous for us!!) Thanks budd! :D

  8. those bombers though

  9. those bombers though

  10. late for me but nice video very entertaining

  11. Haha, great video! Made my night! Keep it up!