Clash of Clans | MAXED BASES DESTROYED | TH 11 3 Star Attack Strategy

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  1. 99% cam will not reply

  2. that wiz tower fucking throwing shit sucks……FIX IT

  3. new strategy : bowler and miner first it starts with a queen walk u have 1 rage spell and ,watch a clash with ashs new video to learn more I don't know all of it

  4. which controller you use to play coc guys

  5. Cam you did not get those three stars because Fousey didnt get his chipotle

  6. Cam did you want another youtuber war like mystlc7

  7. cam plz make clan open for me

  8. CQOTD:Chris with whom do you live with?

  9. cam plz make clan open for mr

  10. Pups for the win! Nice to see u doing more vids from CoC luv uuuuuu! :)

  11. it was my first lavaloon

  12. Cam omfg legend of the last lava pup again join my clan Texaspride I'm flaming zero and I got a 55% 2 star thanks to the last lava pup pls join

  13. The starting of the video was epic.?

  14. The starting of the video was epic.?

  15. CQOTD: Whenever I visit your clan page I can't seem to find Christian. what happened to him?

  16. On 9:36 the last three lava pups lol

  17. i am 17 and i live wih my bro only He is 12 and i need to help him

  18. Open ur clan cam I want to join

  19. hey can i join ur clan

  20. How do you get credits so fast on the app?

  21. QCOTD : Will you continue your Th8 push to Champions ?

  22. WOW thanks for replying, keep doing what your doing cam

  23. #camsucksatattacking you raged the same place 2 times and froze an inferno that went down a second later in your 96% 1star

  24. CQOTD: will goblins the the next OP troop?

  25. And now you just upload coc the whole time :DD, i dont really mind haha. I love your reactions to stuff and i dont care if you play coc or any other game. But i would love to see a video again. but.. you are getting better ;333 ( im just a maxed th9 ): )

  26. They should make it so if a dragon goes down baby dragons spawn

  27. Omg! Cam is using sandbox!

  28. funny intro hahahaha

  29. The reason you didnt 3 star the last guy was the 2 rage spells in the same spot and a freeze on a destroyed inferno 😀 😀 😀 Still love you cam :)

  30. u should have taken quake instead of poison in your clan castle

  31. legendary lava pup version 2.0

  32. Why can i not find your clan