Clash of Clans MAXED LEVEL 3 Bowler NEW Dark Elixir Troop Update Gameplay (CoC Sneak Peek 2016)

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  1. Goblin drinking dark elixir?

  2. a bowler what the fuck that's the worst shit ever

  3. Gay

  4. funny troop, but useless, whit hog at 6 and valck at 5 with more speed attack rateo, that is a stupid troop, can is funny for destroyng the air defense of a th7 (because is behind some storage) if not is useless

  5. verry bad troop

  6. Started with barbarians and archer to most random shit bowlers

  7. .

  8. I'll be so hyped if that troop's been released to Clash Royale.

  9. he is crap the basket baller is better

  10. miswrote that lol


  12. this troop has to unlock on town hall 10 I mean you literally barely get anything from th10 besides inferno

  13. Track and field

  14. basketball baseball soccer football bowling

  15. who else saw the new inferno tower and mortar level?

  16. Did you play waterpolo i play waterpolo and my team is best in europe im from montenegro

  17. Soccer,Bowla,Gymnastics and Karate and my best Bowla score is 341

  18. Stope with the. Shitty yellow cringey writing ffs.just stop

  19. Lacrosse, but I have a broken leg so I can't play this season ;(

  20. mine score the most was 146 im not that old :)

  21. Looks atrocious

  22. Wtf do u. Have to say subscribe in the beggining of the vid dude pls stop

  23. I play ping pong and I sweated one drop and I won 18 medals lol


  25. Hi gan

  26. This is so stupid

  27. I do bowling and I'm 10 and I got a 183

  28. his balls is huge !!!,, hahahaha!!!!

  29. EBOLA