Clash Of Clans | “MAZE OF CHAMPIONS” EPIC TROLL BASE! | Trolling Noobs In Champions! TH11 2016!

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  1. Tony you had to put big bombs more closed to the townhall

  2. Th9 troll base ftw!!!

  3. Make that th9 maze base

  4. YESS TH9 MAZE BASE‼️‼️‼️

  5. Yes 😀 please make a th9 troll base tony ^^
    nice episode :)

  6. th7 troll base pls

  7. can u make a th6 base 🙁 ?

  8. Th10 troll base please :)

  9. YAAASS A TH9 MAZE!!!! I LUV U TONY (no homo)

  10. #pray for tony

  11. Hey Tony im in your BABYBEASTS clan (Risingdeath2000) and my th9 is maxed besides walls and heroes what im trying to say is if you make a th 9 troll base maybe i could test it out for you and then you could have some replay proof? But you deside nice vid btw as always

  12. th7 troll base pls

  13. hay general tony can I join your clan plssssss

  14. #pray for tony

  15. th 7 normal base pls

  16. plz make a th9 troll base

  17. Does GT Download CoD or not

  18. Please make an anti queen walk base

  19. Hey man great video again, still haven't missed one yet, just haven't been commenting

  20. my favourite clash youtuber


  22. i say you won the first one that little 50% he didnt desurve that :P

  23. Yes we want a th 9 base

  24. Did you know that you can get banned for trolling people? If you put your th together with teslas at one corner of your base, this is trolling and you can get banned for 2 days.

    This is no joke lol

  25. can u make same for th 9

  26. th8 maze base. pls.


  28. th6 base

  29. yes we need a th9 troll base please…

  30. do a townhall nine troll base

  31. GT is your clan open for joining

  32. #PrayForTony

  33. Could I get a shoutout? I try my hardest to get subs but it's so hard… If I could just get a jumpstart thanks for your time Tony!!

  34. #prayfortony

  35. Plzz do A th7 troll farm or war base Cause im not finding Amy good and U are king on troll bases!

  36. That th8 troll base doesn't work..!!


  38. troll base th9 would be awesome I looking for one troll bases rocks

  39. tony I'm still waiting for a town hall 8 troll base :(

  40. Th9 troll please

  41. I also got the 10% batterie pop up at the exact same time lol

  42. # pray for tony

  43. PLEASE TH9 troll base. Keep up the vids?

  44. #prayfortony

  45. tony the th7 base that you made does not work in war and there are bases that are like it

  46. #PrayForTony :D

  47. TH 7 troll base plz