Clash of Clans | MILLIONS OF LOOT IN MINUTES (Post Update Secret Spot?)

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  1. Back and the party is back on! Missed you all! (will explain in the next
    video why I was out and about)

  2. I’m glad that supercell is making an effort against people who are
    cheating, I just hope that the changes they made are not a temporary
    solution to the problem. 

  3. Glad your back man! :D

  4. Clash of Clans | MILLIONS OF LOOT IN MINUTES (Post Update Secret Spot?)

  5. Great now its gonna get patched ;( Anyways do you think a BAM (lvl 6 barbs,
    lvl 5 archers, lvl 4 minions) with 4 wall breakers can last here?

  6. More vids like this please ur the best Alex 🙂

  7. How’s the update for you? Did you blow any…leafs? :)

  8. this doesn’t work anymore right?

  9. great videos and now i wanna leave champ cause the bonus is nice but mmm
    btw really glad u are back but do u have any commentary tips i kinda
    strughle with it ?

  10. Been a while ruthless (:

  11. trying this right now!

  12. Do you think this will work for th 8 too? Btw love your vids, happy you’re
    back ???❤️

  13. You rush so badly…

  14. Does this works still now?

  15. Thanks for the amazing video!! I am at 650 trophies and this is insane! Oh
    and what cheating were people using?? I don’t know lol

  16. Ye the loot is Amazing cuz of the update!!

  17. So rushed

  18. yes


  20. So for a th8 where should I go in trophy range?

  21. thx for the tip you are awesome

  22. The ideo your are saying is a 100% true!
    I.m a mid th9 went from 2800 to 500 cups and farmed 20 milion loot in 4
    hours of boosting! never going back up again!

  23. I’m down there with two different acc, i have 4 lava hounds the rest
    balloons, 2 rage, 1 heal, 1 lighting on each acc 

  24. many lightnings on your de down there?

  25. I consider this cheating I wish when you went to a level you could not drop
    below that to take advantage of lower bases this is wrong